Jangadeiros: The Raft Fisherman of Northeast Brazil

TitleJangadeiros: The Raft Fisherman of Northeast Brazil
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication1966
AuthorsForman S
Academic DepartmentColumbia University
Thesis TypePhD thesis
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Coqueiral Raft Fishery, Brazil

Coqueiral is a coastal community located in the Guaiamu county in the state of Alagoas, in northeast Brazil. The original study, which was carried out in 1965, catalogued approximately 85 active fishermen. The resource units are a range of coastal fishes that vary depending on seasonal migration of fish species and type of rafts. Few commonly caught fish species are bagre (Tachysurus sp.) or catfish, barbudo (Polynemus virginicus), and mackerel. Majority of fishermen alternate between fishing...
09 Aug 2016