Here you will find a number of resources available for comparative case study analysis of social ecological systems, and more broadly, coupled infrastructure systems. A core tool for large-N comparative studies such as those that underlie Ostrom's Governing the Commons and Rules, Games, and Common-Pool Resources is systematic coding of both primary and secondary data derived from case studies. Here you will find the coding manuals and resources from such efforts.

Resource List

  1. The full CPR Coding Manual and coding protocol instructions which was used by E. Ostrom and her colleagues to generate the CPR database that underlies the books mentioned above and Ostroms Institutional Design Principles. 

  2. The Design Principles Coding Manual which was used to code more than 62 cases that underly the analysis presented in Baggio et al., 2016. Note that all 62 cases are also included in the SES Library as individual cases.