A Comparative Study of Two Jamaican Fishing Villages

TitleA Comparative Study of Two Jamaican Fishing Villages
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication1956
AuthorsDavenport W
Academic DepartmentYale University
Thesis TypePhD thesis
Source DocumentAccessible with appropriate permission
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Farquhar Beach, Clarendon, Jamaica

Farquhar beach is located in Clarendon, Jamaica. The resource appropriated from Farquhar Beach is demersal fish. Fishers use the “first in time, first in right” strategy for determining who has access to choice fishing spots within the grounds. All land and the beach area where fishing takes place is owned by a single owner and fishermen pay a fee for using the beach. The single landowner determines access to the resource by deciding who can live and fish at Farquhar Beach. This case was part...
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