The expanding commons dilemma for water in the Basin of Mexico

TitleThe expanding commons dilemma for water in the Basin of Mexico
Publication TypeStudent Report
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsTellman E
Course TitleSOS 598: Applied Robustness Analysis in Social-Ecological Systems.
Source DocumentAccessible with appropriate permission
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Urban Water Commons in Mexico City

Urban water used conflicts and issues over shared water infrastrtucture in neighbourhoods in Mexico City
11 Mar 2020

Water Scarcity, Flooding, and Public Infrastructure in Mexico City

Mexico City, a megalopolis of 22 million, is located at the center of the Basin of Mexico. For over 600 years, catastrophic flooding and access to potable water have challenged the city’s residents, motivating extensive investments in hard infrastructure to supply the city with fresh water, or to protect the city from periodic flooding. The case study catalogues an action situation involving residents and their local, city, state, and federal governments that formally and informally govern land...
09 Aug 2016