Ayvalik-Haylazli Lagoon Fishery

Resource System
Lagoon Fishery.
Resource Units
demersal fish: mullets, groupers, snappers

The Ayvalik-Haylazli lagoon fishery is located on the Turkish Mediterranean coast near the town of Adana. The resource units are demersal fish (mullets, groupers, and snappers). The original case, which spans from 1976-1978, catalogues an action situation involving 103 registered fishermen from three neighboring villages. As of 2011, the fishery and its adjacent waters are harvested by 397 registered fishermen from three neighboring villages. There are user group organizations (referred to as a co-op) and 504 active fishermen are members of those organizations. The charter of the co-op defines rules for membership. The co-op determines access to the fishery, patrols the lagoon boundaries and also, determines the types of permissible technology.