Munglori "Turf" (forest territory) Management, India

Resource System
Oak Woodland
Resource Units

Munglori is a village in Uttaranchal, India. The resource appropriated from Munglori Turf Management is fodder. There is a system of informal, locally recognized rules which are respected in and across villages and through which the local oak forests are managed. These rules supersede national laws and result in a reasonable level of forest management. Both institutional and geographical factors affect the boundary of the resource. From the standpoint of social-ecological systems analysis, this case was originally perceived to be a success in terms of village-scale capacity to address a potential commons dilemma.  Follow-up research has turned up insufficient evidence to refute initial claims.  From all appearances, Munglori villagers seem to sufficiently manage the commons dilemma. 

This case was part of the original CPR database developed in the 1980s by Edella Schlager and Shui Yan Tang at Indiana University. The original CPR report can be found in the CPR tab under institutional analysis.