Silag-Butir Irrigation System, Barrios Pacang, Silag, Butir, and Cabaruan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Resource System
Watershed and associated topography
Resource Units

In the case of the Silag-Butir Irrigation System, ricefields are located in the adjoining Barrios of Silag, Butir, Pacang and Cabaruan (between 1.5 km and 4 km off Santa Maria municipality) in the Ilocos Sur Province in the Philippines. The resource appropriated is water for irrigation. The system serves an area of 115 hectares cultivated by 201-500 total appropriator teams  during wet season and 38 hectares during dry season. At the beginning of the period, there was a moderate shortage of biological and physical resources withdrawn compared to the number of units available. Regarding the use of the irrigation system, there were conflictual effects throughout the entire period in the relationships among appropriation processes. However, internal conflicts and non-compliance by resource users and infrastructure providers are routinely settled outside of court by the social infrastructure. While the success of the system is not entirely clear, the source document does not cite any significant challenges to the long-term stability and robustness of the system. Therefore, it is implied that the system is for the most part successful.

This case study is part of the original Common-Pool Resource (CPR) database. A summary of the original CPR coding conducted in the 1980s by Edella Schlager and Shui Yan Tang at Indiana University may be found in the CPR tab under institutional analysis.