El Mujarilin irrigation system

Resource System
Watershed and associated topography
Resource Units

The El Mujarilin Irrigation System is located in Daghara nahiya, Diwaniya Province, Iraq. The resource appropriated related to the social dilemma is water for irrigation diverted through canals but mainly from one off-take of the Hurriyya canal, which has been named El Khurays. The original case was reported in 1970 but field was done between 1956 and 1958, and catalogues an action situation involving 85 resource users. At the beginning of the study, there was a moderate shortage of biological and physical resources withdrawn compared to the number of units available

This case study is part of the original Common-Pool Resource (CPR) database. A summary of the original CPR coding conducted in the 1980s by Edella Schlager and Shui Yan Tang at Indiana University may be found under the CPR tab in the Institutional Analysis section below.