Ten - Dakh Branch watercourse irrigation, Punjab province, Pakistan

Resource System
Watershed and associated topography
Resource Units

This case was part of the original CPR database developed in the 1980s by Edella Schlager and Shui Yan Tang at Indiana University.

The resource appropriated from Watercourse Ten-Dakh Branch is water for irrigation. Based on an intensive survey of ten improved watercourses in Punjab, this study shows the inadequacy of present forms of social organization of watercourses for insuring their adequate maintenance. The study suggests the following sociological characteristics as conducive to good maintenance under present conditions: 1) a large percentage of landholdings in the 6.5 to 25 acres range; 2) relatively equal distribution of power and influence among farmers; 3) a large percentage of farmers being perceived as having some power and influence; 4) relative "progressiveness" of the community; 5) previous history of cooperation and lack of recent conflict; 6) simple-biraderi social structure; and 7) a small number of watercourse shareholders. Watercourse Ten is the most poorly maintained one among the ten watercourses surveyed in this study.