Stakenet Fishery Association at Negombo Lagoon, Sri Lanka

Resource System
Coastal lagoon ecosystem
Resource Units
Marine fish stocks

Negombo Lagoon (3,164 ha) is located on Sri Lanka's west coast -- about 30 km north of the capital Colombo. This study discusses a community-initiated common property regime in the Negombo lagoon suffering from the problem of open access. The analysis focuses on the Stake-Net Fishery Association (SNFA) in the channels of the Negombo lagoon. The SNFA is an example of a long-standing collective arrangement for successfully limiting open access. The determinants of the success of the SNFA are examined in four sectors: resource system characteristics, group characteristics, relationship between the resource system and group characteristics, and institutional arrangements.

This case was part of a study to determine whether the institutional design principles of Ostrom where, in fact, related to "governance success" by Cox et al.  In that analysis, this case was classified as a success.