Bison Management in the Jackson Hole Valley, Wyoming, USA

Resource System
Watershed and associated topography
Resource Units
Grass and forage

The Bison management case in the Grand Teton National Park (GTNP) is a new case that will be integrated into the Common Pool-Resource (CPR) database. The Jackson Hole Valley (JHV) is a prime example of an iconic place. The natural environment surrounding the town of Jackson, Wyoming, is the resource system upon which wildlife and human settlements rely. This natural environment provides numerous streams of goods and services to all wildlife and many interested subgroups. For many of these subgroups, the natural  beauty of the JHV brings substantial tourism to enjoy the natural ecosystem. Today the natural ecosystem within the JHV is subject to multiple anthropogenic and natural pressures. There has been a substantial increase in the human settlement throughout the JHV. Therefore, there is greater competition for habitat between humans and wildlife.