The Irrigation System of Sol y Poniente, Campo de Dalías, Almeria, Spain

Resource System
Watershed and associated topography
Resource Units
Freshwater for irrigation

The Sol y Poniente Irrigation system is one of the six irrigation systems of the agricultural area of Campo de Dalías, which is located in Almería, Spain. The case study involves an analysis of the evolution of the system in different stages: from 1988 in which the system was created to the date of the research in 2000. The authors catalogue an action situation involving users that appropriates water from the Benínar reservoir which is a public production resource, with public distributions resources and private appropriation resources.

The original case study authors focused on how human-made hard and soft infrastructure have being catching up with the challenges that the natural and social infrastructure present. The case study has subsequently been used in comparative analyses regarding Ostrom's Design Principles (see bibliography).