Historical Dynamics: Why States Rise and Fall

TitleHistorical Dynamics: Why States Rise and Fall
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsTurchin P
PublisherPrinceton University Press
CityPrinceton, NJ
KeywordsCollective Solidarity, Cultural Ethnic Soildarity, Geopolitics, mathematical models, Population Dynamics, State Collapse
Short TitleHisrorical Dynamics
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Demographic-Fiscal Model of the Growth and Collapse of Agrarian States

The Demographic-Structural theory is an empirically derived theory of the breakdown and collapse of agrarian states, originally posited by Jack Goldstone's (1991) work on Early Modern Engalnd, France, the Ottoman Empire, and Ming China. Pulling together opposing Marxist and Malthusian expanations of state collapse, the Demographic Structural theory suggests that population pressure among the general populace and among elites places fiscal pressures on the state. When the state becomes insolvent...
02 Oct 2016