Coastal vulnerability to climate change: A comparative study of cases in the UK, France, and South Africa

Resource System
Coastal landscapes and seascapes, river networks and associated wetlands
Resource Units
Multiple: affordances for human habitation, leisure, fishing, agriculture, trade, freshwater, biodiversity, etc.

This case represents the collaborative effort of an international team focused on studying how coastal regions may respond to climate change as part of the Multi-Scale Adaptations to Climate Change and Social-Ecological Sustainability in Coastal Areas (MAGIC) research project funded by a Belmont grant.  The study involved three sites: Cornwall, England; Languedoc-Roussillon, France; and Eden District, South Africa.  The three study sites were selected based on their history of rapidly changing weather patterns and concomitant increased vulnerability of local populations to climate change-induced severe weather events. This section will provide a brief overview of the biophysical, social, and institutional characteristics of each study area, followed by an overview of the core similarities and interactions of each SES. Further detailed information on the SES dynamics in each region are outlined in separate cases in the SES Library. To go to those cases, follow the "Related Studies and Models" link below.