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Coupled population dynamics in an open, three-trophic-level system

This model explicitly incorporates the immigration and emigration processes in the context of three-trophic-level systems (e.g., a stream reach), and reveals how the coupled populations will change in response to the primary-productivity gradients (e.g., r, K).  In contrast, traditional simple food-chain models study mostly two-trophic-level system which can be open or close.  More interstingly, though not reflected here, there are two contrasting models presented in the paper:...
09 Oct 2016

Dynamics of coupled population in an open, three-trophic-level system

The investigated stream system, which consists of three-coupled populations (benthic algae, grazers, and predators), is modeled as a fixed region of space(e.g., stream reach) and over a limited period of time.  The time scale allows for growth of primary producers (algae), but not for reproduction of grazers and predators.  The system is open, allowing immigrations and emmigrations.  Immigration at all trophic levels is assumed to be governed by external factors and to be...
09 Oct 2016